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Reassembling The Deck

As I go through the process of memorizing the Stack using the Trainer Deck, there are some techniques and ‘drills’ to sharpen my memory. One of my regular practice routines is to shuffle a regular deck thoroughly and - turn up cards one by one - lay the cards out on the table in stack order. During this process if I encounter a card whose stack position DOES NOT come to mind instantly, it goes back on the bottom of the packet in my hand.

Finally, I have a few cards that represent those which require more focused study.At this point I remove each of these from the Trainer Deck and pair them with the regular card from my practice session.Spending a little time, throughout the day, with these ’sets’ helps to firm up the memory muscles for those.

Setting Up Mnemonica

Here is an interesting technique for setting up a deck in Mnemonica Stack order.

Using The Trainer Deck

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