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“… the idea of submitting one card every other day, that was real genius; this way, impossible to sing faster than the music; …now I’m waiting for the next card to come, and I’m reviewing the growing part of the stack several times a day…”

— Gilles Deprez

“After many failed attempts, I feel confident that I will finally memorize this stack.”

— Terry Oberman

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This is a series of email messages designed to help you finally reach that goal of mastering the Memorized Deck.

You will receive several messages each week, with a new card to learn and some tips for adding it to your growing list of memorized cards.

Also, as your ‘memorized’ deck grows we will share effects that can be performed; some of them that can be performed even before you have mastered the entire stack!

Master a MemDeck in 90 Days

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