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As you wait to receive your Trainer Deck, we have a set of resources that will help you begin your journey.

Memory By Association

Whenever you roll dice you know instantly the number rolled. It is not necessary to count the dots. You have learned to recognize the pattern. Your Memory Deck work requires this same 'instant recall' As magicians ourselves we have been striving to produce a set of images that will produce the immediate mental association and form a permanent memory for each card.

Mastering Aronson Stack

In magic circles, there is much value placed on the use of a Memorized Deck. True mastery requires INSTANT recall of each card's position (number) and, likewise, immediate recall of a card value based on the number (position). The process of gaining that expertise can be arduous and tedious.It is most certainly intimidating. Most 'systems' to help with mastering a MemStack (PEG systems) require you to first learn a set of arbitrary symbols that represent the numbers (1 through 10). Then you form other pictures utilizing these symbols - and paired with a symbol for the value and a symbol for the suit - to memorize the position of each card in the deck. This is why the process has been so off-putting to many people;you must learn TWO SETS OF SYMBOLS/IDEAS at the same time!

How to Use This Deck

These are not cards you will use to perform; but practice and cement your command over the stack.

However, since this is a physical deck you are encouraged to use them for practice of your favorite Aronson effects. Also, this will permit you the opportunity to practice “estimation” and see the precise effect of Faro shuffles on the stack!

These are not Flash Cards. This is a complete deck designed specifically to create instant and permanent mental associations between each card and its position in the Memorized Stack.

We commissioned a professional storybook artist to create distinctive (unique) renderings for each card.
The images are developed with the singular purpose of evoking an instant mental link between the card's value and its numbered position.
To every extent possible we have tried to make these images UNIVERSALLY understandable; this system is International.

Deliberate Practice

Take each card, as an individual item, and carefully examine it.
On your first examination take the time to notice every detail (in many cases we have embedded additional clues to help with the memory process).
After a session of memory practice you can test yourself by taking a shuffled deck of cards and turning over the top card, one-at-a-time. If you can easily remember the number associated with that card - by recalling the image in your mind - put it in a pile on the table. Those you cannot go back to the bottom of the deck. Any you simply cannot 'find' in your mind will require a revisit to the Trainer Deck.

In addition to the numerous helpful elements that are embedded in the back design we have intentionally left a large area where you can write the number on each card. It is important to drill yourself in the transitive association (stack number to card value and card value to stack number).

Advice on Learning The Stack

Many people learn a stack in sequence. I think this is a common mistake. Although it is important, in performance, to know the relationship of any Card to its neighbor(s) this limits your recall ability. This is due to the chronological nature of the mental associations. A simple example of this is to challenge yourself to (quickly) name the letter of the alphabet that is FOUR places before or after the letter T. Did you find yourself reciting “T, U, V, W” in your mind? How about in the other direction? That is even tougher for most people.

Another helpful exercise is to begin taking cards from a shuffled deck and lay them on the table. As you place each card put it in its position, relative to all the others. If you are unsure, refer to the crib on the card back. Resist resorting to it too quickly. When finished with this exercise, you should have a deck in stack order. Any that gave you difficulty should be placed in a special stack; for concerted review.

Aronson Story Trick

This is simple (a great way to start) your path to memorizing the Aronson stack because there are only TEN cards to learn [between the Poker deals]
As far as a tool to memorize the stack, this breaks it up into smaller easily-digestible modules.

Download our Aronson Poker Story
And practice this story based on the cards to form your Memory Palace.


This project began with The Aronson Stack but Mnemonica is next and there are more in the pipeline.
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