The ONLY MemDeck Tool Of Its Kind!

“This is not just another memory system.

It is a deck of cards whose sole purpose is to train your mind in the fastest possible way.

Improved Recall with Minimal Effort

This technique is working for many who previously struggled to master the MemDeck

Having tried other approaches with limited success, your deck was EXACTLY the tool I needed to help me learn Mnemonica once and for all, and easily my best purchase in magic for some time.” — Benjamin Highway

"They [two Trainer Decks] just arrived!!
Just opened up and they are everything I hoped they would be. Really visual and memorable.” — Peter Harker

"Before getting the deck it took me about 3 months to learn the sequential Mnemonica Stack in its order.
I then was having problems remembering a card at any number.
I received the deck three days ago I changed the order of the cards into the suits […] in order from Ace to King. Within the three days I have already remembered all the Clubs and Hearts at any number.
The pictures have truly helped me remember each cards number order in the Stack."

A Direct Mental Process

Whenever you roll dice you know instantly the number rolled.  It is not necessary to count the dots.

You have learned to recognize the pattern.

Your Memory Deck work requires the same instant recall

Each card in your Trainer Deck contains an image that will create an immediate association with the card's value, suit and its number in the stack. 

A Working Example

Every card contains a set of ‘visual clues’ that help cement the proper association in your mind.
This review by Nique Tan explains the system well as he provides an example.

Made for Magicians BY Magicians

Your Magic will change FOREVER !

In magic there is much value placed on the use of a Memorized Deck.  True mastery of a memorized stack requires INSTANT recall of each card's value based on its numerical position.

“It’s not merely knowing that the Queen of Spades is located at position forty-eight. Equally important, is recalling that the number 48 represents the Queen of Spades.”

It is most certainly intimidating. Most 'systems' to help with mastering a MemDeck Stack (PEG systems) require you to first learn a set of arbitrary symbols that represent the numbers (1 through 10).
Then you form other pictures utilizing these symbols - and paired with a symbol for the value and a symbol for the suit - to memorize the position of each card in the deck. This is why the process has been so off-putting to many people; you must learn TWO SETS OF SYMBOLS/IDEAS at the same time!

We Have Struggled To Master A Stack

This project was born out of the frustration shared by all magicians.
We hired a professional artist whose specialty is Story Books, to create a deck consists of images whose singular purpose is to train your mind on the stack the fastest possible way.

Queen of Spades - Mnemonica and Aronson
Nine of Diamonds - Mnemonica and Aronson

Mnemonica (Tamariz) Deck

Juan Tamariz created “Mnemonica”, the most popular MemStack in the world.
The Mnemonica Edition of the Trainer Deck will help you master the stack faster than any other method.

Aronson Deck

The Aronson Stack was the first stack to really explode in popularity in the States.

Here is an example from the Aronson Stack. The Ace of Hearts is number 22. Now that you have seen this image you will NEVER FORGET this card.

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This project kicked off with The Aronson Stack. You may be excited to know that the Mnemonica Stack is next and there more exciting releases ahead from Websembly.

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